FRIEDLAENDER #austria-czech

Herbert Kaufmann <nek.hjk@...>

I have been doing Jewish genealogy for about four years, exclusively about
Germany and the USA, and am moderately experienced in research and computer
use. I am fairly good at German. English is my native language.

I am looking for information about the FRIEDLAENDER family, spelling is
actually umlaut nd..., that for a time lived in Kolin, now in the
Czech Republic, or any information about the Jewish community there. Joseph
Abraham FRIEDLAENDER, my greatX3GF, was born there in 1753. He became a
rabbi and was an early leader of the Reform movement. He became Landrabbiner
of Westphalia. I believe his father, Abraham, was also a rabbi. He appears
to be related to David FRIEDLAENDER, one of Moses Mendelsohn's chief
followers. Two references of which I am aware states that he was David
FRIEDLAENDER's nephew but, according to a family tree in Das Handelhaus
Joachim Moses Friedaender et Soehne zu Koenigsberg i.Pr.,published in
Hamburg in 1913, he does not appear to be that closely related.

In any event, I would be most interested in anything related to the family
or the Jewish community of Kolin in the 18th century that anyone may know.

Herbert Kaufmann
Bedford, NY, USA

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