Barber shop in Burbank, CA and Cleveland, OH around 1930? #hungary

Susanna Vendel <susanna.vendel@...>

I need help to find an answer on the following questions:

1. is the occupation "barber/tonsor" called "barber" in English?
2. if a person had a "barber shop" in Burbank CA, or Cleveland, OH ca 1930
was he member of an organisation?
If the answer is "yes" does anybody know where I could ask for this
association for Burbank and Cleveland?
3. I have the following address >from 1949: Harry WAGNER, 4301 Woodland ave,
Burbank CA.
I don't know the birth date, date of immigration of Harry WAGNER. I only
know that he was >from Sighet (Hungary/Romania), that his occupation was
"barber" and he also had a brother Fully (?) WAGNER who also was a "barber"
and lived at the same period at: 810 Vincent Ave, Cleveland, OH

Any suggestions are welcome!

Susanna Vendel, Stockholm

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