attention **all** JGFF registrants #hungary

carol skydell <cskydell@...>

There are new things coming down the pike.....exciting new things to help
your research, but first we need you to read this message and follow the
instructions carefully <g>

If your JGFF researcher code is 62932 or above, you're all set....nothing
for you to do...

If your researcher code is 62931 or below, we need you to update the
entries we have according to the new fields that have been
established. Don't put it off, do it now please.

If you don't remember your researcher code, go to and click on the SEARCH icon. Search on any
name you have entered in this database and your researcher code will be in
parenthesis next to or under your name in the contact information field..

Now, to make the corrections... In the JGFF click on the MODIFY
icon....enter your researcher code and password....What? you forgot your
password? Never fear, help is here... write to
password@... give them your researcher code and your full name
and they will send back your password with the request to write it down
someplace where you will remember to look for it. <g> MODIFY click on the first option to update your address
information. There are now separate fields for:

First Name
Last Name
Street Address
State (selected >from the Drop Down Box)
Zip/Postal Code
Country (selected >from the Drop Down Box
e-mail address

You can also update your contact options and choose from:
1. researcher code only (greatest degree of privacy >from SPAM &
2. name and e-mail address
3. name, e-mail, postal address and phone

Be sure to scroll down to the bottom of the screen and click on the button
that will Update Your Researcher Details.

Many thanks for your speedy corrections and updates to the new entry
fields. Before long you'll be hearing about the JGFF Alert system!


Carol W. Skydell, Vice President
JewishGen Operations

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