Czech Jew in Budapest during World War II #hungary

Peter Zimmer <Zimmer-Luedinghausen@...>

Dear h-sig-genners,

I was told that my grandmother's brother, Max Pettera, lived in Budapest d=
uring WW II. He came >from Prague and was in Nazi terms a so called "Halfjew=
" (his father was non-jewish). He left Hungary around Sept. /Oct. 1944 and =
went back to Prague where he died in November I think shortly before the Re=
d Army arrived.
How can I find out details about his stay in Budapest (address, work etc). =
He was chemist.=20
What was the situation for Jews and "Halfjews" like in Hungary during the w=
Any help that my shed light on the fate of ths relative of mine will greatl=
y be appreciated.

Peter Zimmer

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