Re: hungrian jews in the army #hungary

Robert Neu

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I don''t know about any records, though I am surre they exist/ed. No it
is not unusual, my grandfather on my father's side and all his brothers -
except one - too young - served in WW , the husband of one of te sisters
died, one of those who served, ended up a suicide due to the pressure as
an army surgeon. My grandfather on my mother''s side was prisoner in
Russia, and came back a bitter man, he was fourty-eight when drafted...
Onne of his brothers was also taken to Russia, and ended up in Shangai,
when he got back after the war the antisemitism as a reward made him marry
and go to Israel.

Robert Neu

BruceKitty@... wrote: Dear Listers,
Would anyone know how to find information on an uncle who served in the
army, in approximately 1910 ,under the Austrian Hungarian Empire. Being a
Hungarian Jew, isn't it unusual to be taken into the army? Where would
archives exist for researching this information?

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