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Patricia J Weisshaus <patjw28@...>

What I would do is call Salt Lake City 1-800-346-6044 and find out if they
have been filmed and the film numbers. A friend on this list lives in SLC
and went to the library where they have WebView. This is the current film
catalog, available in the library, and updated every week. She printed off
the list and mail it to me for the 7th District. There were 48 films
available. They still are not included in the latest update at The library, however, willl tell you or send you the
film numbers.

Good luck!


At 03:01 PM 12/23/01 -0500, Gary Gershfield wrote:
I am trying to locate if any Jewish records exist for the 9th District of
Budapest between 1900-1925.I am especially interested in any synagogues that
were located in District IX.
While District IX was mentioned in the book Jewish Budapest,there was little
information that could be of use.
Thanks for any assistance you can provide.
Gary Gershfield
Forest Hills,NY

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