Looking for Friedmans from Kosice Hungary area. #hungary


Am desperately searching for Friedmans born near Kosice about 1873. 1875,
1884 and 1888. My best clue is a passport in 1925 which noted Schene as my
fathers birthplace (ABRAHAM FRIEDMAN). That could be Szin or Sena but so far
no proof. I am not new at this but have hit a brick wall. The Kosice Archive
has found my ggf and ggm, my gf and his siblings - to at least note their
existence but my father Abrahm Friedman and his siblings David, Hannah and
Ella's birth place are nowhere to be found. They all ended up living in
Cincinnati and dying here.

The next possibility is to loacate someone who knew about an Adolph, Louis
and Markus Friedman who lived in Manhattan about 1925. All three were
brothers to Jacob my grandfather who settled in Cincinnati, Ohio. One of them
had a son Isadore who married a Rose and lived in Brooklyn in 1925. The
Isadore was in some kind of manufacturing clothes business. Oy

Any suggestions - (already went thru Ellis Island in case - supposedly they
arrived in the U.S. in 1888 >from Bremen).

PLEASE, PLEASE - any clues

Leah Friedman Levine

FRIEDMAN, Jacob, Adolph,Louis, Markus, Isadore, Rose, Terresa.

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