Re: Vienna Marriage Record #austria-czech

Bob Lenk

Looking at the record on, there are also these important details:

Location Stadttempel
Volume H
Number 595

Stadttempel is in the first District (Bezirk) of Vienna. This is
fortunate, because the marriage records >from many of the other districts
are not available online (they can be viewed on microfilm at Family
History Centers).

Going to the Family Search page for Vienna Jewish records:

Select "01. Bezirk (Innere Stadt)"

On the next page, for Record Type, select "Trauungsbucher" (marriage
books), which happens to be the only choice.

On the next page, select "Trauungsbuch H 1892-1893" (which matches both
the date and the Volume designation >from the genteam record).

On that page you can use various techniquest to find record number 595,
which is on page 1777 of 230:

The record contains quite a bit of information about both bride and groom.

This can be hard to figure out the first time. After a while, it's
quite straightforward.

Best wishes,
Bob Lenk
Greeley, Colorado USA

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