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What documentation do you have that dates back to the
1600's? Remember only the Burgenland and the Slovakian
provinces were not under Turkish rule. It is also
believed that Jews who were there with thr Turks left
with them specially after the Austrians liberated Buda
and killed everyone who was there. In the same vein
Jews that were there in 1526 either left or were taken
to Turkey (though many came back later on.)
Jewish presence in Hungary goes back to the Romans,
but with many in and ou, like the rest of Europe.

Also most did not use family names. Even in the 1828
Census I have found Jews only referred by one name
that looked more like a first name, also others where
the last name if a first name.most probably the
father's first name.
Robert Neu
--- Wayne and Caroline McCullough
I have been able to reconstruct with the help of archival resources an
outline of the history of the Sacher family of Balassagyarmat and Losonc
from the 1720s.

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