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Dear Marc and H-SIG friends,
Permit me to add my two cents to your interesting family story. It seems to
me that the ancestor your grand father was talking about is a member of the
Hibschman family that lived in Bodruzal very close to the the Polish border.
Tobias Hibshman, my ggf, after whom I am named, had a son and several
daughters. The son, Leopold Hibshman, my gf and one of the daughtera Ann
Hibshman married to Polster. In the Bodruzal home they had a Tavern where my
mother remembers it and they used to attend the local an polish soldiers
comming >from the nearby polish Dukla town. Eventually, the Polsters also had
a Tavern parallel to the Bodruzal one, that I do not know. But I do know
that, the Goldsteins, who lived in Nizni Orlich, not far >from Bodruzal and
not far >from Polanka where your Polster ancestors lived, also had a Tavern.
The Goldstein home, owned originally by my gggf Moishe Goldstein, than by my
ggf David Goldstein and then by his son my gf Zwi Goldstein had also a
Tavern and it is now owned by the Police Officer of the town.
Touvia (Teddy) Goldstein

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All this talk about taverns reminds me of a Polster family legend. I have
no data, just a story passed to me by my grandfather and corroborated by
siblings. A Polster ancestor ran a tavern apparently along the Polish
Slovak border (near Dukla I presume). When the Polish tax collector
arrived, the tavern owner would claim to be on the Slovak side of the
border. When the Slovak tax collector arrived, my ancestor claimed to be
the Polish side of the border. Quite resourceful and/or terrible civil

Marc Polster

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My GGGF & GGF, Meyer & Mendel Auslander ran a hekdesh or korchma, a
wayfarer's inn, in Hluboke (midway between Ungvar/Uzhorod and Seredne).
This part of Carpathia still is wine country. As I understand an
Auszenkier or Ausschenker was a bartender/innkeeper.

Moshe Aaron "Kakas" Auslander (1853-1931), and Esther/Etus Gottesman (d.
1931) ran the Kakas Hus (To The Rooster) Inn in Munkacz. Each autumn,
Morris would load his sled with wine bought >from the local peasants.
Can't quite fix his relation to me if any.

Jordan Auslander, NYC

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