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Gábor Hirsch <hirsch@...>

The following inquiry don't exactly fit the H-SIG, still I hope that
some of you might be have an answer to it.
Sometimes after the liberation, in Kattowitz or in Chernowitz camp, I
came across Popper Istvan, I was around fifteen he might have been in
his thirties. After Chernowitz we were transported in an other camp into
White Russia, near Minsk, the town and camp was called Sluzk (Primo Levi
referred to this camp in his books). Pista bacsi was quite clever and
practically minded, so he became publisher of the camp news. So he
organized for the publishing team two separate rooms, where he, an
architect >from Budapest Szivo Pal, Lexi a POW or partisan, I can't say
and I moved. We were together until to our return to Hungary September
1945. We had more or less some contact in spite of I lived in
Bekescsaba and they in Budapest. 1956 all of us left the country, Szivo
Pali and I lived in Switzerland, having some loose contact with each
other, Popper Istvan or Steven moved to Canada. We had some contact, the
last card I found is >from 1957. The address on the card is, if I
properly decipher it is
Steven Popper
5240 V17N Horne Apr 4.
In Budapest he lived on the Kiraly utca 67 or Majakovszki utca 67 on the
second or fourth floor. He was married and if I am correct had a
daughter and son. I tried the Canadian 411 on the Internet but didn't
found a direct lead resp. nobody in Montreal. Before I try in the Jewish
two weekly Uj Elet, I wanted to give a try in H-SIG, it could be that
some of you came across him or his family

Best regards
Gabor Hirsch

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