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the short explanation is that "budapest" is really a city made up of two different cities, originally, "buda" and "pest", separated by the danube river. i believe there was an old jewish community in "obuda", but most of the modern development was in "pest", and people have made the distinction between the two.

the locals usually refer to "pest", except when speaking to foreigners, etc.


....... tom klein, toronto

Subject: Re: Hungarian counties From: Chaim Frenkel
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I've also gotten a bit confused about town names. But seeing so many
town names pass by, I've come to the conclusion that the County name
(Megye in Hun.?) or very common prefixes either appended or dropped
from the name.
This makes me occasionally try both versions of a name when searching
on any of the online maps.

Would someone explain, Budapest being refered to as Pest?=20

(As in "he's a Pesti" or "he moved up to Pest")

Chaim Frenkel Brooklyn, NY

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