Re: sampling of given name changes #hungary

Robert Neu

Just one additional thought. First are hely. and mask. on the same
document? If yes one would assume that the two abbreviations don't have
the same meaning. In that case hely. could be helyesen meaning
"properly" meaning in one case that the second name be "proper" one,
and the in the other case, with mask., the second one being an alias.
Robert Neu
--- "Peter I. Hidas" <thidas@...> wrote:

on 3/15/02 4:57 AM, Ilan Kozma at kozmai@... wrote:

According to my phrasbook maskent means alias, so mask could be a

Jaki Erdoes wrote:
My little Hungarian phrasebook says "helyett" means "instead of."
don't know what "mask." means. Anyone? In one record, both are

Mezger /:mask. Metzger:/ Be'la hely. Berna't

I would interpret MASKEP, OR MASKEPPEN or MASKULONBEN as in other
or, otherwise

Peter I. Hidas

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