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Robert Neu wrote:

Just one additional thought. First are hely. and mask. on the same document? If yes one would assume that the two abbreviations don't have the same meaning. In that case hely. could be helyesen meaning "properly" meaning in one case that the second name be "proper" one, and the in the other case, with mask., the second one being an alias.
Robert Neu
As my mother tongue has nothing to do with English, I depend heavily on
Hungarian-English and English-English dictionaries. Looking at the
examples, I would say that
"Be'la hely. Berna't" means helyett or instead of, as both are valid
first names
The second example is Mezger mask. Metzger is for me different ma'sk. is
ma'ske'p or otherwise Metzger is of German origin is often a surname
but is also a profession using it in Hungary it could be changed in
registry, not all officers in the registry office were experts in
spelling so surnames could change easily, or because the wearer wanted
his name easier for spelling. look at the different form of the name
Schwartz, Schwarz, Schwarc, Schwarcz all the four form appears in the
1944 census of Bekescsaba.. Alias is defined in my "The advanced
learner's Dictionary of current English"
"Alias = a name (different >from the real name) used by person, often
for dishonest purposes" also it is used by actors, artists etc. for a
better sounding as a stage name or pen-name.

Best regards
Gabor Hirsch

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on 3/15/02 4:57 AM, Ilan Kozma at kozmai@... wrote:

According to my phrasbook maskent means alias, so mask could be a shortcut.


Jaki Erdoes wrote:


My little Hungarian phrasebook says "helyett" means "instead of."
I don't know what "mask." means. Anyone? In one record, both are used:

Mezger /:mask. Metzger:/ Be'la hely. Berna't
I would interpret MASKEP, OR MASKEPPEN or MASKULONBEN as in other words, or, otherwise

Peter I. Hidas

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