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JoAnna Wogulis <mojo@...>

My first posting. I am looking for relatives with the surname,
Polachek, Polacsek, Anais and Ouslander. They lived in Csap, Hungary,
which is now Chop in the Ukraine. I'm also interested to know if Csap
was ever part of Czechoslovakia. When my mother came to the U.S. her
ethnicity was listed as Hebrew, Tchacosl. although they were all from
Csap. That was in 1922.
Thanks for any help you can give.
JoAnna Wogulis

Moderator: I believe that Csap, formerly in the Nagykapos district of Ung megye, Hungary, was ceded to the new republic of Czechoslovakia following World War I. See <> for info about shifting populations in this area.

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