JewishGen's Success! Stories -- The New Edition #austria-czech

Phyllis Kramer

You may well be inspired by the success stories recently published to
our website. You can access these accounts >from the "About Us" button
on the website or by following this link:

** Marla Raucher Osborn highlights the crucial role that secondary
sources such as testimonies, memoirs, and survivor and witness
accounts can play in emotionally connecting us to our ancestors. She
gives us a tour of her ancestral town of Rohatyn, showing various
buildings once inhabited by her family.

** Andrew Lenard survives the Holocaust and, years later, searches for
R=C3=B3zsi, his musical partner during his teen years, who had been
transported to Auschwitz >from their town in Hungary. We repost this
moving story >from our Archives.

** Carol Clingan agrees to help a friend identify her
great-grandfather's town of origin. Through the JewishGen Family
Finder, she not only identifies the town and a variant of her friend's
surname, but she also connects her friend with previously unknown

JewishGen volunteers (Editor - Nancy Siegel and Webmaster - Colin
Mathias Justin) collect and post these stories. We encourage you to
submit your own success stories to us at success@... .

Isn't JewishGen wonderful!!
Phyllis Kramer, NYC & PBG, Florida
VP, Education & Special Projects, JewishGen, Inc.

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