Rafael-Raphael SCHLESINGER (>from Deutsch Krone, Prussia. Now Walcz,
Poland. Birth- and death- date ?) married to Marianne SELIG (Inowroclaw,
birth- and death- date ?).
In 1836, Rafael was Kaufmann in Inowroclaw. He is elected representative
in the jewish community in 1833. It seems that he was still in the
community board in 1871.

I know, at least, 2 children :
- Samuel SCHLESINGER (c. 1850, Inowroclaw). He married Theresia BONDY
(c. 1858) >from Trautenau, Austrian-hungarian Empire (Trutnov, Czech
Republic) and settled there.
- Mathilde SCHLESINGER (birthdate ?, Inowroclaw). She married Louis
ROMANN (15.08.1834, Kobylin, Posen, Prussia) and they settled too in

Another SCHLESINGER, first name Johanna, married Mendal RADT (born c.
1822). Together, they had a daughter Kunigunde "Gunda" (05.10.1857,
Koschmin, Posen, Prussia). She married Max EYLENBURG (23.10.1843,
Pleschen, Posen, Prussia) and they settled also in Trautenau.
I know that Johanna was related to Samuel and Mathilde but HOW ?

Thank you, Cyril BIELSCHOWSKY

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