Michael Kelemen <m.kel@...>

The Canadian Jewish News announced that Germany
will pay pensions to anyone whose family is of German
descent - including Jews >from Eastern Europe.

So my cousin's husband asked me to research his family
to see if they came >from any German-speaking country.

This fellow's name is DESZO SCHONBERGER.
He is >from BUDAPEST.

His father, PAL Schonberger, came from

Pal Schonberger's father was LIPOT Schonberger.
Family tales says that Lipot, participated in the 1848 uprising.

People had a hard time understanding him because
he hardly spoke any Hungarian, being primarily German

If anyone is familiar with the Schonbergers of
Biharkeresztesz - or the German pension law -
I would be interested in hearing about it.


Michael Kelemen

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