1781 Census #hungary

Bob and Diane Hanscom <rodihan@...>

Thanks to Henry Wellisch, I've been able to order copies of the 1781
Jewish census of Trencin county, Hungary as well as the city of Trencin.
Even though this census does not include surnames, it has still been a
valuable resource for me. Because I was already aware of naming patterns
within the families I've been studying, I'm starting to identify likely

The census is remarkably legible and provides the name of the head of
household, his wife, and a list of all sons and daughters still residing
with the parents. In subsequent columns, it also lists the names of
servants and other people employed by the head of household.

In Vag Besztercze, there is a name that I cannot decipher. I've looked
through the entire census, and I've noted that the name is a recurring
one. But, each time I look at it, I can't make sense of it. Here is my
interpretation of what I think I'm reading:

Vag Besztercze, 1781
Marcus "VTesek" (?)
wife: Esztera
sons: Moizes, Hershl, and Kalman
daughters: Catharina and Rosalia

Joseff "VPesek" (?)
wife: Esztera
sons: Jacob and Salomon
daughter: Anna

Comparing the first letter to the first letter in other words, I'm quite
certain that this name begins with a "V" and the last three letters are
"s - e - k". But, I cannot seem to go much further. Does anyone
recognize what this name might be?

I would be glad to send anyone photocopies of various pages where this
name appears. Thanks for your help.

Best regards,

Bob Hanscom

Trencin county families: TESCHNER, WILHELM, KOHN

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