Csolomai, Slovakia #hungary

David Rozendorn <globewest@...>

Dear List,

Could someone please help me find Csolomai in the Hunt County of Slovakia?
Are there Jewish records for this town? My great grandmother Maria Kohn was
born there probably around 1890 - 1895.

Researching family names: Gyemant and Kohn.

Thank you.

Kathy Gyemant

Moderator VK: Check the list of places in Hont megye at http://www.bogardi.com/gen/g129.shtml I didn't see any place name that looks like Csolomai. Also, check the 1877 Gazetteer at the Family History Library to see if there was a shul in this place. If not, records prior to 1895 would be maintained in a larger community nearby where the residents went. Also check FHL catalog under Hont megye, KisHont, and Gmor es KisHont to see if you can find this place.

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