Re: SAMA, MANO #hungary


I have also found occurrences of Soma, Samu, and Sama on documents of an
ancestor who was also known as Samuel.

I have also seen Mano used for Emanuel.

Perhaps carrier refers to a porter.


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Dear fellow-H-siggers,

I found two children by the names of SAMA and MANO. Would that be girls or

I found the word "carrier" in some documents, what does it mean?

Paul, Nijmegen, The Netherlands

Moderator VK: "Sama" is probably Soma, which is a Hungarian version of
Cornelius. Could also be Samu, short for Samuel.Mano is also a masculine name. Might be a nickname for
Emanuel. Does anyone know? Did you find the word "carrier" in English
language documents? What type of documents?

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