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GilaMiriam Chait <gilamiriamchait@...>

Here is my recent experience with civil records in
Hungary. On our recent visit to Hungary, I visited the
civil registers department of two Budapest districts,
hoping to be able to do some post 1895 research. In
the 7th district office I was told that the registers
were confidential, even when more than 90 years old,
but the clerk was willing to look for the specific
infomation I wanted, which unfortunately wasn't there
any way. In the office of the 19th district, I had
even less luck - the lady in charge there informed you
that you need papers to prove you are a close relative
to get any information at all, again even if the
records you want are more than 90 years old. To acces
the information >from outside Hungary you need to jump
through even more hoops, going through the Hungarian
Embassy in your country of residence. It does seem as
if the clerks exercise different degrees of discretion
in applying the regulations.

Gila Miriam Chait
Manchester, England

--- Robert Friedman <> wrote: >

The former Zemplen megye was divided after WW I so
that the southern
part stayed in Hungary and the northern part was
incorporated into
Czechoslovakia. Vivian's advice applies to the
northern (Slovakian)
portion. For the time period you ask about, I
suspect the first
option would be writing to the local municipality,
regardless of
location. If your town of interest is located in
the southern
(Hungarian) portion of the former Zemplen, you could
also try writing
to the following regional archives:

Borsod-Abaúj-Zemplén Megyei Levéltár
Sátoraljaújhelyi Fióklevéltára
3980 Sátoraljaújhely, Kossuth tér 5.
Tel./Fax: (47) 321-353

If anyone else has had recent experience with
obtaining post-1895
records >from within Hungary (other than those
microfilmed and made
available by the Family History Library), please let
us all know!

Bob Friedman, NYC

On Tue, 17 Sep 2002 19:26:47 EDT,

I would like to write away for civil vital
records (birth) in Zemplen
County. I am looking for the years 1896 to 1902.
Should I write to the archives in Budapest
or in Zemplen County?
Wayne Roth
Brooklyn, New York

Moderator: I have obtained post-1895 civil birth
and death records for Zemplen
and Ung counties by writing to the regional
archive in Presov (Statny oblastny
archiv v Presove, 080 06 Presov- Nizna Sebastova,
Slanska 33) and, for events
in Michalovce, directly >from the municipal archives
in that city. You will receive
notification and a request for payment >from the
Slovak Embassy in Washington
DC if they find anything....

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