Where is V. Karoly? #hungary

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I have a passenger record that records a person emigrating >from Hungary t=
New York in 1911. The person's father is listed as >from " V. Karoly."

Looking at Shtetl Seeker, I find:

GERLA 4641 2106 V Hungary 110.3 miles ESE of Budapest
CRHLA 4829 1920 N Slovakia 104.3 miles ENE of Bratislava =

KAROL 4825 1949 N Slovakia 125.4 miles E of Bratislava =

KIRALYI (KRALIK) 4825 2019 V Slovakia 148.2 miles E of Bratislava =

KIRALYI (HORNA KRALOVA) 4814 1755 V Slovakia 37.3 miles E of Bratisla=

Anyone have any ideas?


Marc Weiss
New York

Moderator: Although the date is 1911 and, therefore, the place name should be Hungarian, I wonder whether V. Karoly may be Nagy Karoly. V. usually stands for Velky, which means big and means the same as Nagy Karoly. Nagy Karoly, Hungary, was in Szatmar megye and is the former name of Carei, Romania.

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