Re: Is there a Partoza, Austria? #austria-czech

Renee Steinig

Errors are common on naturalization documents -- often because
immigrants remembered details incorrectly or were misunderstood by the
immigration clerks who recorded the information.

Searching the New York City death index* on Family Search
(, I found this
couple buried together at NYC's Mount Zion Cemetery

Samuel Applebaum (born c.1866 Austria, died 1938 Bronx)
Clara Applebaum nee Wechsler (born c.1865 Austria, died 1919 Manhattan)

The birth years are a good match to those on Samuel's Petition for
Naturalization, so I'm hoping they're the right people. They are
buried on the grounds of the Independent Buczaczer KUV, a
landsmanshaft (hometown society) formed by Jewish immigrants from
Buczacz -- now Buchach, Ukraine. Before World War I, that town was in
Galicia, a crown land (like a province) of the vast Austro-Hungarian
Empire. Burial in that society's section doesn't guarantee that one or
both of the Applebaums were >from Buczacz or vicinity, but there's a
good chance. In fact, several databases (the JewishGen Family Finder,
the Ellis Island database, JRI-Poland) include quite a few Wechslers
(Clara's maiden name) >from the town.

For more information on Buchach, see these JewishGen pages:

and this new book by Omer Bartov, a professor at Brown University:

"Anatomy of a Genocide: The Life and Death of a Town Called Buczacz."

I could find no town with a name resembling "Partoza" in Gesher
Galicia's Galician Town Locator
( or in the
JewishGen Gazetteer

* Please note that Family Search's death index includes many more
details than the indexes on ItalianGen and Ancestry.

Renee Stern Steinig
Dix Hills NY

Arnold Koslow <brooklyncowboy@...> wrote in part:

<<I... am trying to help someone with their Austrian Ancestry. The
family name is APPLEBAUM (Samuel and Clara) and they immigrated to the
U.S. in 1895 and 1897 respectively per Census Records. However
initially, I have not been able to find them on Ship Manifests via
Steve Morse Website, even though per naturalization papers I have
Samuel's ship (Majestic) and port (Liverpool to New York City)
identified in 1895.... Additionally, their paperwork has his place of
birth as Partoza, Austria. However I have not been able to find such a
town via Google or Jewishgen Website.>>

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