New Memorial Site at former Vienna Aspang Station Site #austria-czech

Fritz Neubauer

In the newly published German Jewish monthly "Juedische Zeitung" Michael
Weithofer reports in the November issue >from Vienna that a new memorial
site is planned at the place where until 1977 the Aspang Railway Station
was standing. >from this Vienna railway station the deportations trains
with more than 60.000 people left for the various camps. The article
also has a picture of the present memorial plate with the inscription
"In den Jahren 1939-1942 wurden vom ehemaligen Aspangbahnhof
zehntausende österreichische Juden in Vernichtungslager transportiert
und kehrten nicht mehr zurück. Niemals vergessen." (In the years
1939-1942 ten thousands austrian Jews were transported to extermination
camps and did not return. Never forget.). It is planned to replace this
plate by a Memorial in the middle of a larger park area adjoining a
newly built school with the motto "Memorial Place for the deported
neighbour". A competition among school pupils has taken place. Another
memorial building is planned at Vienna University where a former prayer
pavillion has been renovated.
I can provide article on paper or jpg mail,

with best regards

Fritz Neubauer, North Germany

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