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Celia Male <celiamale@...>

David Glasner [Israel] asks about his maternal UTITZ
or OTITZ families >from Prague and originally from
Votice [Wottitz], Berouner Kreis. David writes that
the first established forefather of the family is
Nathan ben Simon b. 1610 d. 1678 in Votice. There
appears to be a gap between Nathan and the next-listed

Abraham born Prague d. Prague 1796
His son Isack Lob b.1765 d. 1806
His son Abraham b. 1800 d.1873
His son Heinrich b. 1850 d. 1941 KZ
His daughter - Julia - {David's grandmother}.

Having last night returned >from two hectic weeks in
Vienna, my contribution has not been researched in
depth. I can confirm that in the 1793 census of
Bohemia there is not one single UTITZ or OTITZ listed
outside Prague. We will have to wait for the Prague
census before looking into these families in detail.
They may have been named WOTTITZ, like my own family,
before the name changed to UTITZ. In that case, there
would be a number of possible leads in the 1793

Also without more detailed research I cannot confirm
the snippet of information, I have stored in my
subconscious that there was a connection between the
PAULI and the UTITZ families.

Wolfgang PAULI, a Nobel prize winner in quantum
physics was born in Vienna to Wolfgang JOSEPH and his
wife Berta Camilla SCHUTZ. Father Wolfgang trained in
Prague as a doctor and practiced in Vienna, but in
1898 he changed his name to Wolfgang Joseph PAULI and
subsequently converted to catholicism, which he
subsequently renounced. The famous scientist Ernst
MACH inspired Wolfgang JOSEPH and when his son was
born on 25 April 1900 he was named Wolfgang Ernst
PAULI. He died on 15.12.1958 in Zurich - see:

Then there is Emil Utitz [27.05 1883 Prague - 2. 11.
1956 Jena], a survivor of Theresienstadt, who will
always be remembered not only for his contributions to
philosophy but for saving some of Viktor ULLMANN's
musical score for posterity to enjoy. Emil was the son
of a Prague leather manufacturer. For a photograph and
account in Czech see:

I remembered a posting on our SIG about Emil, so I
will refer David to Lisa Fabietti's message on 3 Mar
2003 re looking for the descendants of Emil and
Ottilie UTITZ. Among his heirs is a Vitezslav ABELES.

We can find three UTITZ buried in Vienna and there may
be a link with the above family:

Zentralfriedhof Tor I 51 2 87
UTITZ Emilie aged 81 buried 12.01.1927
UTITZ Isak Löb Dr. aged 63 buried 15.06.1903

Wahring Friedhof: Gp 19 Grave 323
UTITZ Ida aged 24, 16.02.1849 - 11.07.1873

Finally sadly, one alway has to check Yad Vashem where
there are quite a few UTITZ victims and some with
testimony, including one in Hebrew >from Ellen GLASNER
for Jula BERGER, born 1884, the wife of Arthur BERGER
of Prague. Julie was the daughter of Heinrich and Anna
UTITZ - so I assume this is David's grandmother,
listed above and and Ellen is David's mother? I have
not identified Heinrich on Yad vashem but David has
also indicated that he was a holocaust victim, see:

Celia Male [U.K.]

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