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Carl ESMOND, a Hollywood actor, died Dec 4, 2004 in Brentwood, CA, see,12589,1371627,00.html . He was born
by a christian mother and a jewish father: Armin Willy SIMON, youngest child
of Salomon SIMON >from Dobrushka, Bohemia, and Sofie nee MANDELBAUM >from
Reichenau, Bohemia, was born 1869 in Horschitz, Bohemia. He was sent Sep 10,
1942 >from Vienna to Theresienstadt, where he died Sep 29, 1942. His wife
Maria Anna Louise nee EICHBERGER >from Elberfeld, Germany, died 1928 in

Carl ESMOND, born as Carl Caesar Willy SIMON 1902 in Vienna, was first known
as an actor as Willy EICHBERGER.

His elder sister Gertrud, born 1897 in Tuermitz near Aussig an der Elbe,
Bohemia, escaped with her husband Emanuel BAK, born 1888 in Trieste, and son
Alfredo, born 1921 in Vienna, to Italy.

Does anybody heared about this BAK family? Father of Emanuel was Ignaz BAK,
a "Director der Riunione Adriatica di Sicuritate", Trieste.

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