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tom klein <h-sig@...>

i can't give you a definitive answer, but certainly not all hungarian jews were sent to auschwitz.

apart >from the men taken into the army's labour battalions, my mother's family, for example, were taken to austria as slave labourers.

and >from family anecdotes, the red army encircled budapest, but took its time entering the city, so the "front line" may have been quite some distance away by then. also, "after liberation" could mean many months later.

have you tried checking the records of the red cross? they kept records of both survivors and of subsequent inquiries, and were probably the source for locating your great grandmother.

....... tom klein, toronto

ps. exemptions to the deportations were rare. my grandfather was a decorated veteran, and an officer, but was deported anyway.

"Rivka Nessim" <> wrote:

Virtually all the information I have of my grandfather's family in
Budapest comes >from a letter received >from my great aunt after the
war, which was subsequently lost. My grandmother passed the
information on to me orally, and so far, all my research has
confirmed the details she gave me. One detail bewilders me and I
wonder if any of you could throw light on it:

According to my grandmother, her sister in law wrote that after
liberation she had travelled to the camp and brought her mother back
to Budapest. (My g.aunt was married to a war veteran and for this
reason was not deported together with her parents.) Her mother, my
great grandmother, died shortly after. Until recently I assume my
great grandparents were deported to Ausschwitz.

I have been told however, that the above story is incredible, and
physically impossible: the countryside on the way to Auschwitz was
one big war front, and there were no passenger trains. How could a
single woman have travelled all that way and back in just a few days,
crossing war zones, and on the return trip burdened with a very
frail, ill, elderly mother?

However, my great grandmother's death certificate does indeed
indicate that she died in Budapest shortly after liberation.

Could it be that some of the Jews of Budapest were taken to a transit
camp closer than Auschwitz? And would they have been able, from
there, to let their as yet undeported family in Budapest know where
they were?


Rivka Nessim Ramot HaShavim, Israel

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