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Bob Lenk

As I looked at the familysearch website a bit more, I realized that I
made a mistake in my previous post. I also found some new information.

1) The newer (post 1911) records >from the IKG (and the others I
mentioned as not being digitized) are not available online at (local)
family history centers, but only on microfilm. I don't know whether you
can still order the films to view at local centers. These are the films
that begin well down the page, after "Andere Verfilmung, 2004."

2) The films >from of the duplicate registers, which have not been
publicly available online, have apparently all been digitized and made
available >from family history centers. This apparently includes the
newer registers, through 1938. These are the films listed first on the

3) A few of the registers have been indexed, and are searchable online.
These have an icon of a magnifying glass.

Bob Lenk

On 4/1/2018 11:04 PM, Bob Lenk wrote:
When the digitized records were put online in 2012, they only included
records over 100 years old, due to Austrian privacy laws.

Because they digitized the records based on the microfilms they had, but
they organized the online records in a more structured way than the
microfilms, they also excluded most films that included multiple
registers that would not appear together in the online organization.
Among the excluded records are Birth Registers A-B (1826-1858) (which
are on the same film as the Birth Index of 1932-1938), and many of the
records >from specific Bezirke.

It looks like you can access all of the digitized films at a (Mormon)
Family History Center.  That is based on clicking on the links at this

I have not tried this.  I haven't been to a Family History Center since
these digitized records have been available.

If anyone has any contacts at the FHL, it would be nice if they could
put make more of these freely available online, especially the ones >from
1912-1917 which should be very straightforward.

Bob Lenk
Greeley, Colorado, US

On 3/23/2018 7:43 AM, Henry Wellisch <> wrote:
The digitized records are available on the familysearch website from
1826 to 1911,  but I cannot find the records between on this website
between 1911 and 1938. Are they hidden on this website somewhere?
Henry Wellisch

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