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Eva Floersheim <evaflor@...>

Trying to help a friend (born 1936) learn more about himself and his family
in Budapest, I find that I do not know much about the bureacracy in Hungary.

Which office keeps which records and where are they located?

My friend has visited the city there six times already, but I suspect he has
not used all the possible resources available.

Here comes my first question:
Where can I find census lists or other information to show who lived in
Garay utca 32 in Budapest during the years 1931 - 1944?

Some background:
The parents of my friends (the father Mor Moshe Pollak was >from Seregelyes
and the mother Rozalia Rachel Brand was >from Tarnow) married in 1931 in
Tarnow, Poland.
They settled in Budapest.
In January 1936, while living in Garay utca 32 in the VII.
district,Budapest, the mother gave birth to a son, Gyorgi, in the hospital
in Szoevetseg utca 14, also in the VII. district.

Later my friend vaguely remembers an old woman in a bed, living in their
house, probably a grandmother.

After the Germans occupied Budapest, Mor Pollak was taken >from his home in
Garay utca 32, probably by the Iron Cross, and was never heard of again.
Gyorgi thinks it hapened in March 1944; I lean more to October - November

Towards the end of 1944, in November or December, Gyorgi and his stepmother
(name unknown, perhaps Janka) were forced into the ghetto.

Will there be any lists of residents in Garay utca 32 showing who lived
there and exactly when, covering the years 1931 - 1944?

A list of all residents will then include the neighbour Sandor Kuerschner
a. was Gyorgi's SANDAK
b. was taken away on the same occassion as Gyorgi's father
c. probably died a few days after returning >from the war.(Testimony of Mrs
Femer Weisz, whose husband did not return).

Also, there was probably a neighbour named Diamant who, during the roundup
of the father in 1944, managed to escape while those caught were kept in the
inner courtyard of Garay utca 32.

Back to my question:

Can you give me names and addresses of official offices, perhaps for the
VII. district, or any other place in Budapest, that can help in this search?

Gyorgi has been to the Jewish community many times and that is where he
found his birth register.
We have already written to Tarnow for the parents' marriage certificate.

Thank you for your help.

Eva Floersheim
Shadmot Dvorah

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