Galvacs #hungary

David Sencer

I have just found that the birthplace of my first cousins, once removed, is
Galvacs. I have found it on the map, but have been unable to determine the
county. Would appreciate any knowledge of that village, and suggestions for
furtherance of research would be appreciated.

Regina and Seren were born in 1876 and 1884. Mother Hannah Gross Kish,
father Salamon Kish. Hannah's sister, Bertha, married Ignatz Senz(c)er and
they are my paternal grandparents. I know nothing of their Hungarian
birthplaces or marriage sites. Vague family remembrances mention Szendro,
which is close to Galvacs.

David J. Sencer
Atlanta, GA

Moderator VK: Galvacs and Szendro were both in the Edelenyi district of Borsod megye.

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