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Celia Male <celiamale@...>

With reference to David Glasner's original query: thank you, Wolf-Erich for
your interesting reply and reference to this book on the UTITZ family, which
I have not seen. I think your mail and mine [which, I confess that I produced
mainly >from general knowledge and internet sources] compliment each other well,
but inevitably lead to a number of follow-up questions:

1. Is there a link in the book with the early Nathan ben Simon who died in
Votice/Wottitz in 1678 and the next-listed descendant in David's posting?

Abraham born Prague d. Prague 1796.

If so, we might recognise the family in the 1793 census of Bohemia, perhaps
named Wottitz? Or is there a big nameless gap of ca 120 years to Abraham?

Would Nathan Wottitz of Neuhaus in 1793, perhaps be related? I am familiar
with him, his marriage to Judith LEIDESDORF >from Pressburg and his move to
Vienna. The famous operetta composer Oscar/Oskar STRAUS belonged to this
family as did the IKG leader in the early years of the 20th century, Dr Alfred
STERN: look for STERN in

2. You say that Emilie UTITZ married Rudolf LION. Here is their grave in Vienna:

Zentralfriedhof Gate 1 Group 8 Row 41 Grave 20a
Lion Emilie aged 71 09.01.1931
Lion Rudolf aged 62 04.03.1920

But who are these UTITZ buried in the ZF Vienna and in Wahring? Is Emilie
LION perhaps a daughter of Dr Isak Lob? And Ida, in Wahring, who is she?

Zentralfriedhof Tor I 51 2 87
UTITZ Emilie aged 81 buried 12.01.1927
UTITZ Isak Lob Dr. aged 63 buried 15.06.1903

Wahring Friedhof: Gp 19 Grave 323
UTITZ Ida aged 24, 16.02.1849 - 11.07.1873

Is it a coincidence that we have a Dr Isak Lob UTITZ dying in Vienna in
1903 and 100 years earlier in Prague in 1806?

3. Finally, you confirm that Helene UTITZ is the paternal grandmother of
Physics Nobel prize winner Wolfgang Ernst PAULI {whose strange family name
we now learn derives >from the *very Bohemian* PASCHELES}. Is it easy to
link her to the families we have discussed?

4. It would be nice to hear >from Lisa Fabietti as to whether she ever had
a follow-up on her early posting on this family re the heirs of the Emil
and Ottilie UTITZ.

Celia Male [U.K.]

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