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Jordan Auslander <jausland@...>

There are several gazetteers listing present and former nawes of
pre-Trianon (1920) Hungarian localities.

One of the best I've seen is . Magyar Helysegnev-Azonosito Szotar (1992
&1998 ed.) by Gyorgy Lelkes. Another I haven't seen is Magyar Helyseg
Nev, by Pal Kosa 1000 page gazeteer, published in Hungary

Last month in Budapest I picked up a copy of:
A Történelmi Magyarország Atlasza és adattára 1914 (Atlas & Gazetteer of

Historic Hungary 1914). by Talma Kiadó published 2001, Pécs.
ISBN 963 85683 3 X.

While it does have some general demographics there are no town
populations or breakdowns. It has contemporary names and some nice
1:400,000 sectional maps of the old counties, no overlay with new
borders however. I got it at Fókusz bookstore, a Hungarian chain. or email a query to

Specifically geared to gealogists is my translation and alphabetization
of the 1877 Hungarian Gazetteer (Janos Dvorzsak, Magyarorszag
Helysegnevtar (1877) FHL#6000840, [Gazetteer of Hungary] Budapest: Havi
Füzetek, 1877), also includes the current names as well as listing the
1877 populations by religious affiliation and where each worshipped. I
have submitted this to my publisher but cannot, at this point estimate
when it will be available.

Jordan Auslander

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