Visit to Vienna #austria-czech

Deborah HOLMAN

In a few weeks I will be making a 3 day visit to Vienna, the birthplace of my mother
and location of many ancestors. Amazingly, our hotel is within a hour circumference
drive of all the places we wish to visit.

We plan to take taxis to visit places but I am wondering if that is the best plan.

Also, I am very interested in locating information about my great-grandfather's
hat shops and factory. The business name was Lital. His name was Sigmund
LICHTENTHAL. Of course this business was appropriated by Hitler in late 1938.

I am also hoping to find some information on my other great-grandfather, Herman
SPIEGEL, who may have been a banker in early 1900 ( came >from Romania) and
went on to found a successful business in the Dutch Indies (1890ish-1910ish)
He and his family returned to Vienna around 1910 and he died in 1911.

I would very much appreciate any suggestions or guidance list members may have.

You may contact me off-list. Thank you!

Deborah Holman
Hamden, CT USA

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