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ilona lerman <phililona2001@...>

I have confirmed that my grandmother was born in a
place called Lipo Patak by comparing the birth records
of my father and his siblings. I am having a hard time
finding where this place is today. The Hungarian
Embassy in Tel Aviv told me it is not in Hungary
today, but probably in Slovakia near the Hungarian
border. After posting the question on Jewish Gen it
seems that the place was called PATAK in LIPTO County
in the NEMETLIPCSEI district, which today is probably
POTOK in Slovakia. However I have found there are 3
places called POTOK in Slovakia all south of
Bratislava and I don't know which it is. Someone told
me that Lipto is due north of Budapest. All this would
fit into what my father told me that his mother came
from a place further west than Presov (in eastern
Would anyone know which POTOK is the right one? Where
could I find a good map of the area online? How can I
find out if there are records for that town? I didn't
find on the LDS site, but maybe I wasn't looking
Any help would be greatly appreciated.
Ilona Lerman

Researching:KELLER-Presov, Zmigrod
NEUMANN-Lipto Patak-Potok

Moderator VK: I suggest that you check the H-SIG archives because I think we discussed the location of Lipto Patak at some time in the past. Patak, as you probably know, means brook or stream. There were scores of places with names that were some variant of Patak including one in NĂ©metlipcsei jaras in Lipto megye (now in Slovakia). Lipto megye was north of Budapest and is northeast of Bratislava. If you check you check the JewishGen ShtetlSeeker you can narrow the choices--probably to the Potok that's between Liptovsky Mikulas and Ruzomberok.

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