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Vivian Kahn

Although this is a bit off topic, I'm posting it in case others were
curious about the answer to my question.

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From: Robert Neu <>
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No, I meant 1960's. The first case as far as I remember was someone who
got an exception to name their child "Coty" after the President of
France,just before De Gaulle's return.

The law was changed as one of the most vocal groups about it was the
people >from "Brittany" - very catholic, but also very nationalistic,
who wanted to use gaelic first names and couldn't (they used the names
among themselves anyway.)

Vivian it's up to you to H-sig this or not.
--- Robert Neu <> wrote:
We all agree that Maria and equivalents correspond to the Hebrew
(rather than the reverse)- the first one being Myriam, the sister of
Moses. I am sure that that's the name in the mind of Jewish parents
naming their daughters.

As far as usage I've seen on Hungarian records Maria, Mari, Mary,
Marie, Mariska and even Marcsa, etc . By the way Maria was the name
my mother, and is the middle name of one of my daughters.

As a side point, in France up to the 1960's the only first names you
could use were those of the "Catholic saints" in the calendar...

Robert Neu

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