Waehringer Cemetery photo request #austria-czech


I wonder whether I could impose on one of you kind friends in Vienna
to take a photo of a tombstone in the Waehringer Friedhof. It would
mean a lot to me. Here is the information:

Waehringer Friedhof, Gruppe 002, Grab 075 (415, 2, 75)
died October 19, 1842

What particularly interests me are the names of her parents, which I
hope will be on the tombstone. This would enable me to connect her
large family to my own GOLDSCHMID family. Her parents' names do not
appear on her death record and I cannot find her marriage record.

Thank you for considering my request. Please contact me offline. I
am happy to provide any further information that I have, including the
interesting story of why I believe she is related.

Martin TOMPA
Seattle, WA, USA

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