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Celia Male <celiamale@...>

Henry Schwartz asks whether anyone has ever heard of a family called TREUHAFT.
Henry gives us no clues as to their origins, their whereabouts, their history
or any known facts or dates. As this is an Austria-Czech group, I am
concentrating on this geographic area.

There are two TREUHAFT buried in the Zentralfriedhof, Vienna:
Tor 1: Group 7 Row 2 Grave 19
Anna aged 84 died 17.03.1935
Josef aged 48 buried 08.03.1883 English German

Some people have trouble accessing this database, but I use it constantly.

If you search the Yad Vashem database you will find, sadly, many TREUHAFT
victims and you will be able to pinpoint where they came from. Many were
from Slovakia and some >from Transylvania.
There are two victims >from Austria: [nb at the time Marta was born, the
Burgenland was not part of Austria]

Olga TREUHAFT born in 13.11.1882 in ? was deported >from
Vienna 2 Hollandstrasse 10/6 on 28.10.1941 to Litzmannstadt. No further
data is available as to her fate. see:

Marta GOLDLUST nee TREUHAFT born in Frauenkirchen, Burgenland in 1915 to
David and Jetty. She was a housewife and married to Erik. Prior and during
WWII she lived in Vrutky, Czechoslovakia. The information is based on
testimony submitted on 10/10/1955 by her cousin. Josef FRISCH in Israel.
Marta died in 1944 in Kremnicka, Czechoslovakia. [see Yad vashem]

I have pointed out before that the Yad Vashem site is tragically a very
good source of basic information for genealogists and can also lead to
very specific leads.

We remember all the TREUHAFT victims here today.

There is one TREUHAFT who has an asset file in Austria which can be ordered
from the State Archives in the Nottendorfergasse [see our Austria-Czech
website for address]:

TREUHAFT Jeno (Eugen) dob 11 May 1897
Avotaynu -

There are two messages in the SIG archives both on the Hungarian SIG which
might be of interest:

David Buchwald wrote on 22 March 2000 that he had a photo of a Jewish Credit
Union >from 1929 (Bratislava). There is an Armin TREUHAFT on this photo.

Erich Bloch on 26 May 2002 appears to have found a TREUHAFT family in the
"non-Jewish" 1869 Hungarian Census returns for Saros County, LDS film
no. 2189407. He has highlighted names he felt were Jewish.

The www is a wonderful thing and the data above is freely available to anyone
at the click of a mouse. Jewishgen resources are also fantastic [especially the
message archives] and should always be searched before one sends in a basic query.

Celia Male [U.K.]

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