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tom klein <h-sig@...>

if it would be possible to e-mail just one of those pictures to me, i'd be happy to look at it and try to help you.

....... tom klein, toronto

"NORMAN FUHRER" <nfuhrer@...> wrote:

We purchased a disc containing pictures of at least 31 gravestones,
photographed in the Jewish Cemetery located in, what was formerly,
Natafalva, Hungary -- now Nacina Ves, Slovakia. This is a village
located between Humenne and Michalovce, Zemplen Megye, Slovakia.

The gravestones are, of course, in Hebrew. We have not been able to
have them translated. We did have prints made >from the disc, which
appear to be quite clear. Our main interest is to see if any of our
FUHRER, STERN, GOLDBLATT relatives are among those buried there. We
will be happy to share the information, once we know what is written
on the stones.

My father was born in Natafalva, Hungary in 1894, as were some of his
brothers. We understand that the family owned? a farm in Natafalva on
which they all lived (grandparents, parents and children). In the
1828 Renter's List, we found a member of the STERN Family listed as
an arender in Natafalva. My paternal ggm was Golda STERN.

Can anyone suggest how we may have these gravestones translated. We
have had these photos in our possession for over a year. Because of,
ashamedly, being technically challenged, we have not had any success
in sending items to Viewmate.

Best wishes, Norman and Jean Fuhrer On Florida's Spacecoast - USA

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