Papa/Devecser/Travel to Hungary and Request about Carei/Nagykaroly #hungary

Carol J. Robinson <caroljr@...>

I hope the many answers about travel in Hungary have been helpful to you
all. I want to use this opportunity to remind all members that it would
be a great kindness if you would consider taking photographs for
H-SIG/JewishGen projects while you are visiting ancestral towns. For
example, if you are visiting cemeteries that have not yet been
photographed and you have time, take video footage or stills. If there
is a Holocaust memorial in town, take video footage or stills of the
monument. A number of members have been able to transcribe memorials
for the Holocaust Memorial Database >from pictures they took during
previous visits, and we are very grateful for their support. We are
planning to link images of the names to the transcription (similar to
JOWBR), so viewers will be able to see the memorial even if they may
never get to travel there.

I have a particular request in this regard. One of our members would
very much like the names >from Holocaust Memorial at Carei Romania
(formerly Nagykaroly Hungary) to be listed in the Holocaust Memorial
database and does not have pictures with the names visible. If any of
you have pictures of this Holocaust memorial with the names visible, are
able to take pictures or have any other suggestions how we might obtain
these pictures such as contacts in Romania, please let me know.

Best regards,

Carol Robinson
Coordinator, All Hungary Database

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