Viewmate Translation Request --- Polish or Czech #austria-czech


I have posted a series of four vital records which are in either Polish or Czech. I would
greatly appreciate help in translating these records which are ultimately related to the
transport & incarceration of Klara Goldenthal Plohn (Plohnova on these forms) >from
Prague to Terezin & then on to Auschwitz, in 1942. It is quite recently that I tracked down
Klara's marriage (in Vienna, 1908) & found her married name, and then I found these
documents. She was born in Zolkiew, Poland in 1880; this was where her parents were
married. Her father, Abraham Hersch Goldenthal, was born in Brodi, Poland and died in
Berlin. Her mother, Bertha Beine Zipper, was born and died in Vienna. Klara's husband,
Robert Wolf Plohn, was born in Prague, in 1883. I do not know what happened to him.
Klara was the sister of my great uncle's wife, Rosalia Goldenthal Heilpern. My great uncle,
Abraham Heilpern, born in Brodi, Poland, 1875, died in Terezin, 1943.

The records are on Viewmate at the following address:

Families I am researching:

Heilpern --- Brodi, Poland (now Ukraine), Czernowitz, Austria (now Ukraine) & Vienna, Austria
Korpus --- Lemberg, Poland (Lwow, now Lviv, Ukraine), Vienna, Austria
Goldenthal --- Brodi, Poland (now Ukraine), Berlin, Germany, Vienna, Austria
Stroh --- Lemberg, Poland (Lwow, now Lviv, Ukraine)

Thank you for any light that may be shed (on these virtually unkown family members) by translating these documents. I would be thrilled to add another piece to this puzzle.


Leah Heilpern Snider

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