Concept of zustaendig in Austrian empire records #austria-czech

Michael Gordy

I am interested to learn about the legal implications of the word
"zustaendig" in Austrian empire records, and the evolution of the
meaning over time.

To take an example, in the Kyjov (Moravia) marriage records around
1910, one often sees the entry for the groom recording that he is
"wohnhaft in A, geboren in B, zustaendig nach C." I take this to mean
he was living in town A, born in town B, and had some historical legal
affiliation to town C.

What exactly is conferred by "zustaendig" in the early 20th century?
How did this compare to the legal framework pre-1848? Was this status
immutable, or could a man change the town to which he was bound? Did
the same legal framework apply to women?

Michael Gordy
Researching towns Straznice, Kyjov, Boskovice, Ostrava.

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