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Robert Neu

Going back to Hungarian history and the Besenyok (Pecheneg), yes
eventually they were defeated and a remnant asked to settle in Hungary,
hence the name to the area where they settled.
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In response to Jerry Zeisler's query, Moderator VK wrote:
"Ga'cs" might be an abbreviaion for Galacz in Fogaras or Galacz in
"Bessa'nyi" could be an Anglicized spelling of Bessane, the wife of

There's a simpler answer to the first question. Ga'cs was a district
seat just northeast of Losonc (Lucenec) in No'gra'd county, and is
currently Halic, Slovakia.

Regarding the surname, the suffixes -i and -y indicate geographic
origin, i.e. Bessa'nyi = >from Bessa'ny. In this case the closest
match I could find is Besany, aka Bezsa'n, formerly in Hunyad county,
De'va district, currently Bejan, Romania. There are numerous towns
named Besenyo' or Bessenyo', and other similar names are Besenyo'd

In Hungarian, Besenyo' means Pecheneg, "a nomadic Turkic people who
occupied the steppes north of the Black Sea (6th–12th century) and by
the 10th century were in control of the lands between the Don and
lower Danube rivers (after having driven the Hungarians out)"[source:
Britannica Online].

As to Lowy becoming Loery and then Lory, the Hungarian surname Lo"wy
is equivalent to Loewy (i.e. Levy). Loery/Lory may have been chosen
to give the name a French or Romance character.

Bob Friedman, NYC

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