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Robert Friedman <vze2sv8z@...>

What a difference a letter makes. Bossa'ny was in Nyitra county, and
is now Bosany, Slovakia. Whether this implies a second marriage, or a
name change (Magyarization) >from Hertzfeld, is a subject for further

Bob Friedman, NYC

(On Sun, 21 Sep 2003 16:23:19 -0400, "Jerry Zeisler"
<> wrote:

Thank you Bob and Vivian and all the others for your replies, although =
still quite confused regarding the Bessa'nyi issue. Here's why.

As you recall in my original message, my g-gf Rabbi Joseph ZEISLER, =
the name Bossa'nyi into the "Maiden Name of Mother" field on the death
certificate of his wife, Irma LORY ZEISLER. I know >from obtaining her
Budapest birth record that her mother's maiden name was Nina HERTZFELD. =
the following field for the mother's birthplace, he entered "Budapest." =
why would Joseph have entered two locations? Just to clarify the issue =
death records appears as such (my comments are in parenthesis ())

Deceased: Irma ZEISLER
Birthplace: Budapest (correct)
Name of Father: Ignatz LO'ERY (LOWY)
Birthplace of Father: Ga'cs, Hungary
Maiden Name of Mother: Bossa'nyi (definitely an o after the B)(mother's
maiden name was HERTZFELD)
Birthplace of Mother: Budapest, Hungary (unverified)

So I would believe that the field containing the Maiden Name of Mother =
be a name and not a location since the location was specified in the =
below. But the name doesn't make sense since we know that it is not her
mother's name. So confusion reigns.

There is one possibility that my 18 year-old daughter came up with. We =
that Nina HERTZFELD died before her daughter, Irma, married Joseph in =
I'm wondering if the name Bessa'nyi could be that of a second wife of =
LOWY, Irma's stepmother?=20

By the way, for those of you who are interested, Nina HERTZFELD and =
LOWY were the grandparents of Baroness Melanie GROEDEL, wife of Hermann.

I'm open for more opinions and suggestions. If anyone thinks that it =
be beneficial, I can post the death certificate on ViewMate. This one is
really strange.

Jerry Zeisler
Leesburg, Virginia USA

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