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Helen Epstein

On September 4, I received this email >from Berlin:

"Dear Helen,

A close friend of mine in Prague just read the Czech translation of
your book "Where She Came From" in which over two pages you mention
your mother Franci in a cell at Pankrac prison in Prague.There she has
a discourse with Marianne, my father's first wife. As your description
appears to be based on some kind of facts that you have I would really
be interested to learn the source.

I was born in Britain in 1947 as the son of my father's second wife,
Ida who he could only marry after receiving the documents of
Marianne's death in 1943.
I look forward to hearing >from you.

Kind regards
Ronnie Golz"

In June of 1939, my mother was arrested by the Gestapo along with her
parents and housed in a cell in Pankrac prison in Prague with Marianne
Golz. Marianne taught her the ropes of prison life and advised her to
try to flee Czechoslovakia if she could.

Hans Golz was an Austrian Jewish journalist who moved to Berlin,
worked with Willy Haas, moved to Prague, then managed to get to
England and eventually made his home in West Berlin where Ronnie grew

If anyone knows anything about this please email me.

-- Thanks,


P.S. I'm launching my last book in Czech translation (O Cem se
nemluvi) at the American Center in Prague Setember 27 at 7 pm. If
you're there, please come say hello!

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