Germany, Czech, Poland and Slovakia travel report #hungary

Tomer Brunner

Dear friend,
During Sep 1st to Sep 25th I was traveling in Europe
in search of my roots. The following is a travel report which
I will try to make with less presonal details and more general
tips and ideas which can help anyone who planes to travel anywhere.


I mail this message to few SIGs eventhough few of the places mentioned are
not of interest to some of those SIGs but I'm sure that the tips and stories
are good for all, no matter what country.

***If anyone on this list can copy this message to the Galician Sig please
let me know ***

I visited the following places:
1) Czech rep.: Prague, Kolin, Brno, Rousinov.
2) Germany: Altenkunstadt, Burgkunstadt.
3) Poland: Krakow, Bochnia, Brzesko, Nowy Wisnicz, Uscie Solna, Wrzepia,
Dubiecko, Przemysl, Lezajsk, Lancut, Sieniawa, Ulanow, Rozwadow.
4) Slovakia: Kosice, Sobrance, Chonkovce, Konus, Tibava, Namestovo.

The goals of this travel were to continue my first trip, which I made 2
years ago
in Hungary, Slovakia, Czech and Austria.
In every place I was trying to find any jewish remains, like synagogue and
go over all the tombstones and looking not only for those of my relatives
but of all rabbis, Dayan,
Schochet, Mohel, More Zedek and other leaders of the community.
I also recorded stones with "Yichus", that means with details about the
of the buried.

Documenting tombstones is not an easy task at all. even now, after
hundereds of them, I don't always get the results I wish. There are few
of doing it. I hope that in the near future I will find the time to write
about that too.
Anyways, I first copied to a notebook the inscription and then (but not in
all cases)
I photographed the stone.



Chonkovce + Konus + Tibava:
this village is located NE to Sonrance, NE Slovakia.
I couldn't find anything jewish there and was told by local people that
the closest cemetery is located about 2 Km away in a village called Konus.
I went there and found, after a walk of few hundreds of meters in the field,
the jewish cemetery. Its in quite a good condition, has fence around it (not
and no vegetation problem. A woman >from the USA whose family burried there
is paying
someone to take care of it. there are 60 tombstones. the earliest dating
back to
around 1864.
There's another cemetery not far >from there in Tibava, next to the local
cristian one.

I'm not sure why, maybe because its so isolated or because I had time, I
ALL STONES (those visible. except the ones lying with the face down) IN BOTH

I didn't take photos of all the stones but have the inscription of all.
Will try to make it public asap.

located in the Tatra mountains in north Slovakia.
The town was boombed during WWII and also had been flooded in the
1950's after a dam was build. about 2 thirds of the town were flooded
as I heard. Again, after visiting the town hall I got great help and
went to the cemetery, which is found only few meters away >from the water
of the lake created by the dam.
Today there are few tens of stones, some date back to the 1860's.
Some stones can be found lying in the sand near the water.
When the water level in high the cemetery might be partly flooded.
Many of the stones are gone. either under water or stolen by local people
for buiding, as happen in *many* places.
The mayor (or Primator, as they call it) told me that some of the stones
were moved to Dolny Kubin.
Some of the names that can be found on the t-stones are:
Strauss, Schlesinger, Bronner, Gross, Steinberger, Koffler, Heller,
Ackersman, Schwartz, Stein, Grunwald and more that I can't remember.

Another thing I did was to document, in every cemetery, the names of women
from the t-stones since many of them are not so common and not at all in use
Unlike the male names which are usually quite known.

Well, hope you got good ideas.
In case of replies please mail me also at:

Tomer Brunner, Israel

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