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Hi All,
I have read through this email, and looked at the list of Victims.
Is there any one out there, that has any records or connections to the
STRASSER's on there?
My GGM was Bertha STRASSER born in Gyor 1843 died 17 Oct 1899 in Gyor.She
married a Lipot GOLD .
Any help on the STASSER family would be greatly appreciated.
Ron Bower (BAUER)

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Dear Kitty,
A good refernce source for the holocaust victims by communities
is the "Yizkor Book Database" of the JewishGen.
There one can find a memorial book book about the Jews of Papa edited by
Yehuda Gyula Lang, (written in Hungarian):
"A papai zsidosag emlekkonyve," Tel Aviv, 1974.
An English version or excert of the book can be found in the homepage:

Shana tova from
Miryam Gordon
Rehovot, Israel

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: Myriam,
: Would you possibly be able to tell me if there exists an Auschwitz
: Victims
: List >from "Papa" similar to the one >from Gyor? Where, or to whom
should I
: write
: or e-mail inorder to obtain this information?
: Thank you for your reply.
: Sincerely,
: Kitty Friedbauer Sauber
: e-mail < >

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