Hungarian Holocaust Memorial Events #hungary

Gábor Hirsch <hirsch@...>

I visited shortly Hungary and also the Jewish community center in Sip
utca. I claimed that in general we are very late informed about the
different commemoration date held in Hungary in memory of the
deportation and the many victims, as the Uj Elet, the Hungarian biweekly
brings the information at the 1. May and the commemorations starts
around 25 May with Baja, in 2001 it started already on the 20th.
According them they get the dates >from the different communities at
Passover and as usual several communities present it even later. Then it
will be edited, printed and mailed. I seldom got it more than two weeks
before the first date was actuell. I asked them to publish it earlier as
the ones far away needs more time for preparation of the journey, so
lets hope. It was told and I checked it out the hungarian Jews (magyar
zsidosag) has a homepage, with different
newspapers, Uj Elet, Remeny, you can even subsribe to t6heir news,
religious information, ask the rabbi, links. Represented is MAZSIHISZ
the organisation of the Hungarian communities as well as the >from
Budapest and last but not least you can choose between Hungarian and
English language (but here you have certain limitation). You might even
sends an eMail, whether you get any answer, I can't say. Good luck for
your trip.

Best regards
Gabor Hirsch

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