Looking for Herman Braun #hungary

Peter&Karen <sicesp@...>

Found my great-great grandfather Herman Braun on the 1900 U.S. census which
gives his birth in "Hungary" in "April 1863".

And his wife, my g-g-gmother Bertha Schoen born in Hungary, May 1868.
Married in the U.S. on November 29, 1885.

Only I don't have any ancestral town....Best way to proceed?

Peter Sices (BRAUN, EDELMAN)

Moderator VK: I would suggest that you identify and attempt to locate any records that might have more specific info about place of birth such as naturalization records, voting records, children's birth records. Where are your ggparents buried? They may have belonged to a landsmanschaft or benevolent association formed by former residents of the same community. Where did they settle in the US? Other Hungarian Jews who lived in the community at the same time may have come >from the same area. Also check resources such as Robert Perlman's book on the Hungarian-Jewish experience to identify areas in Hungary >from which immigration occured prior to 1885.

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