Celia Male <celiamale@...>

Michele Renaud of NY has sent in rather a complex
query. I am sorry that I cannot give a reasoned answer
as the history, geography and dates are not clear
enough. I am not even sure if the people we are
looking into are >from Austria proper in the 1938 era,
but have assumed they are; so here are a few leads:

1. SCHAUER - two residents of Austria who had to
declare their assets in 1938:

SCHAUER Fritz date of birth 1913-06-15
SCHAUER Isidor date of birth 1877-12-01

Austrian Holocaust victims: First a matched couple:
Kamilla born 4.03.1879 in Sec b. Chrudim and Osman
born 01.01.1878

Sofie born 07.11.1880
Sofie no further details - murdered in Vienna in 1938?

Stefan born 17.02.1924


Surprisingly, Osman is buried in Vienna - he was
murdered in Buchenwald and may well be one of the
tragic victims whose ashes were sent back to their
families on payment - nb the long interval between
death and burial [see Austria-Czech message archives
on this subject - using the key search word *Ashes* ]

SCHAUER Osman aged 64 died 31.03.1942 buried
21.05.1942 ZENTRALFRIEDHOF IV. TOR 20 31 23

There are 19 other SCHAUER burials in Vienna and at
least nine can be matched up as family members.

2. Here are the Austrian HOFFER/HOFER who had to
declare their assets in 1938 with dates of birth:

HOFFER: Irma 1874-04-23; Dora 1875-09-07; Flora
David 1899-02-09; Emanuel 1869-12-02; Julie
Siegfried 1907-07-14; Margarete 1885-08-07; Ita

HOFER: Leopold 1898-01-22; Walter 1893-05-18;
a matched couple Amalie 1909-05-18 and Josef

Yad vashem sadly has many HOFFER and HOFER victims
Austria see: & also Letter to
the Stars,
as above.

There are 17 HOFER and 21 HOFFER burials - nearly all
in the Zentralfriedhof, Vienna German English

Celia Male [U.K.]

Note: Michele originally used her researcher code in
the subject line. I have removed it, as I suspect that
this number caused the posting to be diverted into my
bulk mailbox, which very rarely happens with
Austria-Czech postings.

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